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Celebrities with Strange Phobias

Fear is a common thing among humans.Many people have different fears even celebrities and famous people are not an exception. Here is the list of some strange fears faced by famous celebrities.

Amazing Stories of Celebrities Breakups

There is a large number of beautiful, rich and gorgeous celebrities that are greatly loved and admired. But sometimes, for few men, these qualities are not enough. Here are few of those unlucky gorgeous beauties who are being cheated by their men. Let’s check it out:

Celebrities with Insured Body Parts

Here is the most amazing celebrity gossip. These are some celebrities who have got their body parts insured.

Singers Who Have Turned Designers

Following is the list of those talented singers who have turned to renowned designers and have explored their hidden talents.

Richest Celebrity Moms

Ladies of today are not just housewives but also they have jobs, as they have to manage their working life and home life as well. When we talk about working moms then it is really an appreciable thing to say that yes it is very difficult to manage ones kids’ life and work together. Here is a list of working moms of Hollywood who have worked really hard to give every thing to their beloved offsprings.

Celebrities Enjoying Laker Girls

Here are a few really funny celebrity pictures who are staring at Laker girls and sad to say,were caught on camera.

Top 10 Famous Celebrity Ass Cracks

Now cameras are in every one’s access specially camera with mobile phones.So it has become really hard to get refrained from the eye of camera.Celebrities are also no exceptions whether its celebrities wardrobe malfunctions or celebrities embarrassing moments its all is there on cameras.Here are top 10 celebrity pics of weird ass cracks.

Most Embarrassing Moments of Celebrities

Here is the most entertaining list of the most embarrassing moments of celebrities.