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Valeria Lukyanova Human Barbie Whats Next

Many generations of women have grown up watching barbie doll, admiring and idealizing barbie. Many of these women tried to be a human barbie. There have been many women going through plastic surgeries and botox whatever just to be like a human barbie. But no one came to the level of the real barbie doll. Three years back Valeria Lukyanova human barbie comes in the lime light with her doll-like look and body.

Valeria Lukyanova is a Ukranian model and DJ and want o pursue her career in music field. But on her social media profiles Valeria Lukyanova human barbie claims to be a poet, singer, model and musician as well. And finally she was given the name of the human barbie. She has got figure like barbie, eyes like barbie. Valeria Lukyanova has been quite in the news and controversy that is why she is also considered as controversy queen.

Valeria Lukyanova human barbie has always claimed that she has not done any type of surgery except the one for her boobs. All other body and waist line and body is natural. Even some people claimed that she got her ribs removed and so on. After all the criticism she replies, “It is a pity that most people choose instead the path of degradation.”

Valeria Lukyanova often gives controversial remarks (maybe to get attention). Valeria Lukyanova claims to be human embodiment of god named Amatue, she claims talking to aliens, been through time-travel etc. All these claims get her is a little bit fame. No one has seen Valeria Lukyanova human barbie without makeup, that special barbie doll like makeup.

My purpose of writing this blog-post was simply to touch this topic of human barbie that is trending a lot again these days. Watch and judge yourself whats truth about Valeria Lukyanova human barbie. She very often updates her social media profiles with her photoshoots and selfies. you can also check her instagram .


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