70s Winter Fashion Trends in 2015

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October 2, 2015
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70s Winter Fashion Trends in 2015

Fashion trends are something that keep on reviving themselves. No fashion trend vanishes completely. Each year we observe the revival of many old fashion trends. Whether its outfits, shoes or any other fashion accessory, fashion trends keep on reviving. This year fashion runways are filled with the 70s winter fashion. 70s winter fashion was full of colors, vibrancy and life as it was the hip hop era. Many years back 70s winter fashion was dominated with shearling coats, flares, boho maxi, peasant blouses and many more.

This is 2015 and all the fashion designers are preparing for latest winter fashion trends. And we are seeing many of the 70’s winter fashion trends back again. Lets check these 70s winter fashion for 2015.

Boho Fashion

Boho is typically associated with the hippie era of 70’s. The loose and flared long dresses are called boho. What we are witnessing on runway fashion for winter is boho with floral prints, bright colors and wide sleeves.

Flared Pants Fashion

This winter 2015, you will hardly see any girl wearing skinny jeans because flares are trending this season. These wide pants and trousers are also taken from the 70s winter fashion trends. This year walk with flares paired with long coats or jackets. whatever you like.

70s winter fashion

LongLine Shearling Overcoats

These long, made with heavy fabric coats on fashion runways, have reminded me of the movie stars of 70’s. This is another iconic 70s winter fashion. These over-sized coats look great with flared pants and skirts both. Choose the colors that are bright and sizzling.

70s winter fashion



Neither shorts nor skirts, culottes fashion also originally belong to the disco era of 70’s. This wide outfit is great for the mild weather in winter.

70s winter fashion

Fringing Fashion

Fringing is another fashion trend from the 70’s era that is dominating all the fashion shows this winter. Whether its your outfit or some fashion accessory like shoes or handbags, you will find fringes and tassels on them.

70s winter fashion

Faux Fur

Another great fashion trends from 70’s faux fur coats and jackets are going to rock the winter fashion trends in 2015 as well.

70s winter fashion



Poncho fashion trends goes back to the the years of 70’s. Colorful poncho with flared jeans is going to look great as a winter fashion trend for 2015. Burberry has modernized the poncho fashion for us all this year. You can look and purchase online on Burberry official.

70s winter fashion


70’s Style Handkerchief Top

A handkerchief top is trending from past couple of years and looks cool. This fashion trend also belongs to the era of 70’s.

70s winter fashion



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