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Best Lip Gloss For Winter

Lip gloss is the most demanding makeup accessory for girls. Specially in winter, no handbag is without lip gloss. Every girl keeps one with her 24 hour. The best way to apply a lipgloss for better results is to keep your lips clean by an exfoliating scrub. The plain and smooth your lips are the better result you will get from the gloss. Most of these lipglosses are also available online.

Urban Decay Revolution High Colour Lip Gloss in Bittersweet, £15

The best thing about this Urban Decay lip gloss is its highly pigmented. A single application of the lip gloss makes your lips purple. The long stick of it makes application easy. Its best to keep your lips moisturized in winter. It lasts long. The mesmerizing vanilla essence in it makes it more alluring.

Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Gloss in Burgundy, £16

An ideal shade to wear in winter this lip gloss has berry red shade that can be worn in day and night.Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss in Supréme, £26

Another great lipgloss for winter season that keeps lips smooth. It has a unique click and pop packaging.

Primark P.S. Love Liquid Lipstick in Red, £2

It’s a perfect lipgloss for winter use. Also very affordable for all. But can not be shopped online. Available in stores only. But overall its great in use and sugary smell adds more to its goodness.MAC Vamplify Lip Lacquer in Speed Up, £18

This lipgloss is less shinier than others. But lasts long on your lips for whole day.

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