Fall Fashion Colors for 2015

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September 16, 2015
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September 17, 2015

Fall Fashion Colors for 2015

Each year we celebrate fashion and latest trends with trendy seasonal color schemes given by designers. Fall is a couple of months ahead so get ready to give your fashion wardrobe a great new fall look. Check out which fall fashion colors suggested by Pantone Color Institute are going to dominate runways and whole fashion world and stylize your wardrobe too. All these fall fashion colors are elegant and sober. So this winter look for more dull tones than bright hues.

Marsala Color for Fall

Marsala color is declared Color of the year for 2015 by Pantone color institute. This wine – brown color is quite decent and perfect for fall. So this year Marsala color is going to dominate all fall fashion colors. Designers are already busy in creating stylishly colored fall costumes for all.

Cadmium Orange Color for Fall

It’s a pure fall shade with the beauty and calmness of autumn. I personally love this shade for fall fashion. This color gives the impact of freshness and elegance at the same time. Do try this color for fall fashion 2015.

fall fashion colors

Desert Sage Color for Fall

Another perfect shade for fall 2015. The greenish gray fall- shade have the magic of turning anyone into a style diva. With perfect cuts and shapes, the desert sage can turn your fall outfit a style statement.



Stormy Weather Color for Fall

A blue-gray fall color like the clouds about to rain, is perfect for fall fashion. A strong color in itself gives you a stylishly strong look for sure.

fall fashion colors

Oak Buff Color for Fall

A warm color in chilling fall weather is what every one desires. Oak buff is a really comforting and warm color. This fall fashion color gives a soothing sensation. Try this one too.

fall fashion colors

Biscay Bay Color for Fall

A cool and refreshing fall fashion color, Biscay bay is surely a unique color in fall. This tropical- water like shade is soothing to eyes and would stylize you if blended with nice color scheme.

fall fashion colors

Cashmere Rose Fall Fashion Color

Another soft hue in dull –pink shade. Cashmere rose is vibrant and sophisticated. If used with nice color combinations, cashmere rose color would give you a stylish and trendy look this fall 2015.

fall fashion colors


Dried Herb Fall Fashion Color

A natural olive – green shade, was once associated for military use only but now its quite common. People from all fields of life welcome this dried- herb color as one of trendy fall fashion colors.

fall fashion colors

Amethyst Orchid Color for Fall

It’s a uniquely vibrant fall hue that gives a refreshing feel. I think it would look sensational in fall fashion wardrobe.


Reflecting Pond Color for Fall

A dark blue fall fashion colors shade that is quite cool and gives a strong feeling.

fall fashion colors


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