Handbag Styles 2015

A trendy and stylish handbag is the one fashion accessory that no woman is complete without. A stylish handbag is not just a fashion accessory, it’s a must have thing for any classy lady. A handbag contains all the necessary things that a woman need while going outside e.g. makeup, mobile, wallet and many such important things. Keeping a handbag is very good but keeping a stylish handbag is excellent. Here are some latest fashion trends in handbags that we are often observing in runways of 2015. Let have a look.


Round clutches

Circled clutches whether handheld or cross body have been quite popular on runways this spring summer 2015. Such round clutches are quite handy and look unique.


These cross body saddlebags are quite convenient to use and gives girls a wild look.

Clutches with straps

This trend is quite latest in clutches. We see girls’ carrying clutches with straps and handles to carry it. Its really unique style and looks trendy as well.

Staples are here

Staples are never outdated. Staples are undoubtedly today’s most stylish handbag. Each year we see staples on the runways with a little bit of changes. The best thing about staple is that it’s quite roomy and convenient. This year staples are nicely printed and rich in graphics.

The Bucket Bags

The bucket bags are once again on the go. This year with new prints and cuts, the bucket bags are quite trendy on the runways.

Duffle Bags

These duffle bags are best known for the shape and size. These duffle bags give you a lot of space. With nice cuts and shape, these duffle bags are quite trendy and welcomed on runways as well.

Slim Ladylike Bags

These slim bags are perfect for tall and slim girls. It really enhances the beauty and shape of any beautiful girl.



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