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Human Leather Fashion Accessories Wear Or Not To Wear

Leather fashion accessories are always trendy irrespective of weather or fashion. As leather is always trendy. Leather bags and wallet, leather shoes and outfits, leather dominates all the fields of fashion and style. What if this leather is made up of human skin. Yeah! you heard right. I mean to say human leather, purely made of human skin.

A British company claims to have been in the business of making fashion accessories made of 100% human leather. Sounds weird. How could some one use human leather and above all how can one simply dare to buy a product made up of human skin.

This British company produces human leather shoes, human leather wallets, human leather belts and power bracelets. According to the makers this power bracelets has the special powers that can work wonders in strengthening and revitalizing your physical, mental and sexual abilities.

Where Do They Get Human Skin From?

The company runs this business by the help of hundreds of donors who bequeath it before dying. The company rewards handsomely to the kin of the donor after him.

The skin for making leather is taken from the abdominal and back area of the donor as the skin on these parts is easy to remove without any interruption. The British company is facing hard criticism from GCC nationals on running this inhuman and absurd business.

Products Details

All the products made from human skin are quite expensive and not affordable for all.

Human Skin Wallet

It priced from Euros 9,000 onward

Human Leather Shoes

From Euros 18,000 onward

Human Skin Belt

From Euros 10,500 onward

Though the British company claims the production of finest human skin leather using flawless and perfect human skin. But most of the people from all the classes are not liking this weird trend and want it to be stopped.

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