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Mysterious Creature washed up on Ainsdale Beach Merseyside

Taking a closer look to the decomposing remains, it seems to have fur along with the flippers and most interestingly various bones sticking out of its body.

Officials and locals of Merseyside are giving different opinions about this mysterious creature found on the beach. To some, it could be some sort of whale, to some it is a cow, elephant or woolly mammoth; while some are bidding it to be a horse.

According to Stephen Ayliffe, Senior Advisor at Natural England, We can confirm that an animal in a poorly decomposed state has washed up on Ainsdale beach, and whilst the identification of the animal is unconfirmed, it appears to be a species of whale. We are working with an animal removal company to have the animal’s remains removed from the beach as soon as possible.”

It is too early to speculate anything about it, but it is really interesting to look at a totally alien creature washed up on the shore (who knows it is an alien). Will keep you updated, the sooner we get any news about it. Till then, watch the video.


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Mysterious Creature washed up on Ainsdale Beach Merseyside

On Wednesday, 28 July 2020, an unknown and bizarre creature surfaced on Ainsdale beach, Merseyside. Terribly decomposed, covered in flies, this weird...