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Some Lesser Known Amazing Facts

1. Peppa Pig fact

Why Peppa Pig’s episode was banned in Australia? Do you know that? Though it’s one of the most cartoon show for children worldwide, but one of its episode taught the kids about being unafraid and friendly with the spiders. What is wrong in doing that? Is that what’s in your mind? It can be a real trouble for a place like Australia because unlike America or Europe, this continent has a number of deadly and life-threatening types of spiders. So parents were quite concerned about this issue and finally the spider episode got banned here.

2. The oldest Pub of the world

All the bear lovers must have some interest in this piece of information as it is about the oldest pub today. It was named Sean’s Bar and it was inaugurated in 900 in Athlone, Ireland. In 1970, this pub was reconstructed in 1970 and during the reconstruction period, some really antique coins were found which were then sent to the museum. But some of them were kept in the Sean’s bar to show the visitors.

oldest bar of the world

3. A cruise ship Home

Hmm… I am not talking about some movie scene here. It’s all is about a huge cruise ship that is actually a home to its inmates. The people who live on this cruise enjoy the comforts of sea and take a break after every 2 to 3 days on the nearby port.

4. The Moonbow

Yet another really strange facts about the world is that its not just about the rainbow, our very own world experiences the amazing condition called moonbow. It usually happens on the places with a body of water like a waterfall around. The second condition is the presence of full moon on a comparatively low position. Though it seems white to our eyes but it does have colors just like a regular rainbow but we can’t see it because of the dark atmospheric conditions.


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Some Lesser Known Amazing Facts

The harder we dig, the more we come to know about the strange facts about world. With about 200 countries around the...