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Most Expensive Settlements for Divorce in Hollywood

Marriage is a union of two people, for better or worse. But, in the case of celebrity marriages, when the pictures of the couple stops coming on the pages and noise of delirious paparazzi goes away, for good, things seem to take a quick change towards worse. Here is the list of 10 most expensive divorce settlements in the history of Hollywood.

1. Michael Jordan & Juanita Vanoy

This legendary basketball player and Chicago bank officer met in 1989, the sparks flew and Michel quickly decided to make Juanita, Mrs. Jordan. After 18 years of marriage, three kids and his earned income of 350 million dollars, Juanita was granted a divorce settlement of 168 million dollars which turned out to be the largest divorce settlement in the history of Hollywood.

hollywood divorce settlements


2. Neil Diamond & Marcia Murphey

Jewish Elvis and a television production assistant Marcia Murphey married in 1969. But after 27 years of their marriage and two sons, Diamond got divorced and paid a 150 million dollars settlement. He then set the record straight by “saying she is the most wonderful woman, who stood by me through rough times, so she deserves every penny of it”.

most expensive

3. Steven Spielberg & Amy Irving

The most famous filmmaker and wannabe actress married in 1985, four years after their marriage Amy walked out with their only son and 100 million dollars divorce settlement.

most expensive hollywood divorces

4. Harrison Ford & Melissa Mathison

This actor and his screen-writer wife were one of the most private couples in Hollywood, and their divorce wasn’t covered by the media. After 18 years and two grown children Melissa was granted 85 million dollars in divorce settlement plus profit from his future earnings on the movies.

hollywood actor's divorces

5. Kevin Costner & Cindy Silva

The two met while studying in college. Their marriage lasted for 16 years and they had 3 children. However, in 1993 rumors started to circulate around Costner’s suspected affair with his co-star. Cindy filed for divorced and was granted custody of their kids along with 80 million dollars divorce settlement.

divorces in hollywood

6. Madonna & Guy Ritchie

Madonna married an English filmmaker, Guy Ritchie. They had a son Rocco, who was born a year later. However, Madonna has been famous for her transformations, so in 2008 she has transformed herself into a single mother of three. According to media sources, Madonna couldn’t keep up with his Kabala loving, open minded, adoption seeking husband, so when she finally pulled the plus on their 8 year marriage, Guy gracefully accepted back his freedom as well as 76 million dollars in divorce settlement.

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7. James Cameron & Linda Hamilton

The Titanic director married Terminator actress, Hollywood was expecting a fairy tale, their 18 months marriage produced one child and rocky relationship. In 1999, Linda got her divorce settlement in a half of Titanic’s profit- 50 million dollars.

james cameron divorce settlement

8. Paul McCartney & Heather Mills

This couple’s marriage lasted for four years and ended in ugly accusations, media frenzy and custody battle for their only child. The Beetle had his heart broken and Mills walked away with 38.5 million dollars in divorce settlement plus 70 thousand dollars yearly for child support.

divorces in hollywood actors

9. Michael Douglas & Diandra Luker

These two were married only after 6 weeks after meeting, but their 23 years old union was a smooth ride. The couple split in 1998 Diandra got a piece of Douglas dynasty in a form of their son and a divorce settlement of 45 million dollars .

micheal douglas divorce settlement

10. Mick Jagger & Jerry Hall

The pair married in a traditional Hindu ceremony, only to be divorced nine years later, Jagger claimed that their wedding ceremony wasn’t valid. Upon their divorce Ms. Hall was granted custody of their children and the settlement of 25 million dollars.

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