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HP EliteBook Folio: The Thinnest Laptop Till Date

HP’s latest version of Elitebook is recently showcased at CES 2016. HP Elitebook Folio is specially designed for businessmen. The makers of Elitebook Folio claim it be the thinnest laptop today. The device is said to be thinner than the MAC book.

Elitebook Folio is around 0.5-inches thick as the company claims at CES 2016. And this surely makes it the thinnest laptop ever. The business device has special features designed for businessmen that include a Skype button in the keyboard and speakers for it.

A 180-degree piano hinge is also a part of Elitebook Folio that makes business calls handy and convenient for the user.

Weight of the device is around 2.2 pounds that makes it heavier than MAC book. The thinnest laptop has the other features like,

two USB-C ports

one audio jack

CNC-machined aluminum body

12.5-inch display

touchscreen option

8GB of RAM

SSD options( 128GB to 256GB)

fanless Intel 6th Gen Skylake processor powers ( but you will have many options to choose from like Core m5, m7 or possibly even m3.

Release Date would be sometime in the month of March with the starting price of $999.

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