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LG G5 Flagship Specifications Leaked

LG G5 is the upcoming flagship of LG that has kept many of the smartphone lovers specially LG mobiles lovers waiting since long. The most recent development on LG G5 flagship is the few leaked specifications by a “Reddit” user by the name of mobile_leaks.

What good or bad specifications the Reddit user has shared. The leaked info about LG G5 is not 100% confirmed. There have been a couple of leak stories on the LG G5 flagship when comparing we find a few contradictions. lets see for ourselves.

1. The handset has 5.3 inch quad hd screen.

2. Full metal body sounds cool. If it is so, it will be quite graceful.

3. Micro SD card and sim slot are on the right side.

4. IR blaster on top of handset.

5. 3gb ram, not bad at all.

6. Snapdragon 820

7. The device comes with 16mp + 8mp + heart rate+laser focus sensor in the back.

8. It has a front camera of 8mp.

9. Nicely added feature of Bottom firing speaker

10. USB type -C

11. It seems to have a Pressure sensor.

12. Another great feature of finger print reader same like lgv10.

13. It comes with dual camera on the back of the device.

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